The Uprising Review is a literary magazine that celebrates freedom of speech and a diversity of ideas. Writers should be able create without the fear of being shot down because of their unique ideas or perspective. When a publisher tries to impose their own bias, the creative process is tarnished. Ideas were meant to be shared and everyone deserves a voice. With that spirit, The Uprising Review publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

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Who We Are

The goal of The Uprising Review is to promote fantastic fiction in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror and to promote free speech within the creative field. We feel that uncomfortable topics need to be explored, creative minds should not be hindered by restrictions, and free speech is an important step of the creative process. Our goal is not to offend, but to promote critical thought, expression, and unheard voices. Though there are countless avenues to share short stories, many of them restrict writers with the content they can send or who the writer is themselves. We do not believe this is a productive way to bring fresh, amazing fiction into the world. Good fiction is not created by the writers’ nationality, sexuality, or gender. Good fiction is created through the hard work and determination of the writer.

While many of the Editors here have different opinions in regards to politics, The Uprising Review is not politically aligned. We do not require a writer to agree with our stance on free speech’s place in writing, politics, or personal opinions. We care for good fiction written by good writers.

If you have written a short story of science fiction, fantasy, or horror and wish to have it published based on its merit, we would love to read your work!

Submit Your Story

Thank you for choosing Uprising Review for your piece! We publish science fiction, fantasy, and horror. All of our story and formatting guidelines can be found below. Submissions that don’t adhere to word length and formatting guidelines will be rejected, unread, from our queue. Keep that in mind while submitting. Above all, we never want you to be afraid to push the envelope with your writing!

We accept flash fiction and short stories of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. This includes any and all sub-genres such as steampunk, space opera, paranormal, dark fantasy etc. We do accept pieces that include profanity, sex, and violence when it is used with purpose and care. Often times these elements are used for shock value. While this is a valid use of those elements, there must be a reason beyond shock.

  • - flash fiction under 1,500 words of any genre will be considered
  • - short stories under 3,000 words will also be considered
  • We do not accept erotica. There are many markets for erotic stories but we are not one of them. We will not accept serials or chapters of novels or novellas. We want to provide our audience with full, complete stories with each read.

    While we have limited resources, we think it's important that authors are paid for their work. We pay writers $5 for flash fiction pieces and $10 for short stories. We do accept stories under 500 words, however we will only pay for flash fiction that is over 500 words. After we approve a story, we ask for exclusive rights for 6 months after the date of publication and anthology rights for one year. The writer maintains full ownership of their work and is free to publish their story elsewhere at the end of the 6 months. We also accept reprints and will pay half of our normal rate. If you would like to submit a reprint, please indicate where it was originally published.

    Email submissions to: