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How Your Book Cover Can Hurt Book Sales

How Many Books Will You Sell?

From time to time we make political statements not related to free speech, but rather to cultural awakening. The Uprising Review is centered on free speech as an ethos, but what is the point of speaking freely if you are saying nothing particularly revolutionary? This essay by Carolyn Emerick is about the reawakening of the great spirit of the European people through art and history. It is worth everyone reading, especially if these past few weeks of conflict with cultural Marxists have you down.

We’re on the Cusp of a Great Cultural Revolution

A Definitive Guide to SEO for Authors

This Week at the Uprising Review

This Week’s Story is called Heartstrings by Jillian Bost.

We had a new op-ed this week by Uprising Review co-editor Everitt Foster about free speech and platform denial.

Our author interview is with our new partner from Zeroflash.org, David J. Wing.

On Podcast #14, we interviewed the most influential Hispanic voice in science fiction Jon Del Arroz, the author of the Dragon Award nominated book Star Reams:Rescue Run and the new steampunk adventure, For Steam and Country. We had a great conversation about his newest book and his approach to writing characters.

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