The Uprising Review was conceived in November of 2016 as an arm of media that would not bow to public criticism or politically correct dogma. All the founders were familiar with the gate keepers who prevented good stories from being told simply due to political reasons. While Uprising Review will continue to stand for free speech, we’ve also become a business and we are interested in growing our business. It is simply not enough to say “we publish because we believe in free speech.”

So an executive decision was made between Stephen and Everitt to focus in on our most popular categories, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. We are therefore proud to announce that Uprising Review will be focusing exclusively on “SFFH” after our current batch of accepted work goes out. We thank all our authors for helping get us to the point where we are. But as Everitt often says “A novel for everyone is a novel for no one.” We are changing gears and hope you will stay with us through the transition. We also hope to grow and expand both online and in our podcast.

The Uprising crew thanks you for your loyalty and sticking with us as we transition into the next stage of our evolution.

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